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Rav Comfy X
In stock NOW

Magnesium Ergon Grips


Trikke Buff
Like worn on Survivor

only a few left
Great Gift !
Push Ultimate Gel
GPS-by Garmin

Topeak RedLite

Quad by Princeton Tec

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Trikkers are enjoying the new
Rav Comfy X Lock Grips (Grey)
I am the only place to buy these now. I special ordered them, best upgrade I have found for the money!  $20
Best replacement on lower end trikkes for the money !

Some have seen the grips I have on my T12.
Ergon Magnesium GR2-L Performance Comfort Grips
New Magnesium Ergon Grips  $54
This is a better version than the ones I had before Christmas
These are
 NOT the small grips as seen on some sites!
I still like this grip better than the standard one on the T-12

The Ergon GR2-L Magnesium Grips is a lightweight grip for racing. The same lightweight grip body as the GX1 but featuring a newly developed multi-position bar-end made from 100 percent magnesium. The bar-end and the support platform can be independently adjusted for the correct angle to allow the optimal…

Originally developed for racing using the experience of riders at the Transalp Challenge, the grip body is the same as the GC2. The light 100% magnesium 3 finger barend offers practically the same advantages as a full size barend despite its small size. Its size and shape are ideal for middle to larger sized hands (8.5 – 10.5). The barend and the support platform on the grip can be independently adjusted for the correct angle to allow optimized fit for individual saddle position and riding style.

Ergon GR grips prevent numb fingers, painful hands and forearms – problems that many riders face. The cause of this is high pressure on the particularly sensitive areas of the palm and an incorrect hand position. Due to their anatomically optimal design, Ergon grips provide a contact surface of 100%. Regular grips only provide a contact surface of approximately 60%. With increased contact surface, pressure is especially reduced in the area of the ulna nerve, thus decreasing the likelihood of numbness. Furthermore, the anatomic form of the Ergon Performance and Race Series grips corrects your hand position. An incorrect hand position and overloading of the median nerve (a leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome) are impossible as long as the grip is mounted correctly.


Trikke Buff   (now rare - only a few left great gift)
The Buff, from Australia, was introduced to the US by the TV show, Survivor.
Check out the many ways for wearing the buff  
These were special ordered with a Trikke design. $2
Only Have 1 left as of Nov 18, 2012
Push Ultimate Gel Gloves $24   



These RedLites fits great on the back of the T8 and T12
east off and on, not tools required

Ia hve found this light to be great for riding at night. Very light, can adjust the angle of the beam. Different settings for brightness. By wearing on your head the light is always pointing where you are looking - not moving back and forth like lights attached to the front of the trikke.

At a mere 96 grams, the Quad is the lightest in Princeton Tec’s line of regulated-LED headlamps. 4 Ultrabright LEDs power through the darkest conditions. The LEDs are safe forever inside a tough waterproof housing that will survive severe impacts and water submersions up to 1 meter. The wide beam of the Quad is perfect for tasks around camp and is bright enough for technical scrambles and brisk runs on dark trails. Weight conscious users will love the Quad’s sophisticated circuitry that allows the use of lithium AAA batteries. They reduce the Quad’s weight to 82 grams, perform in extremely cold temperatures, and significantly increase regulated burn times on all modes. Equipped with regulated LEDs that maintain constant brightness and a battery power meter, this light just may be smarter than you are.  


These Garmins I like to recommend for trikkers.
I have been using earlier models for a couples years.

Shop around for prices on these and then ask if I can beat what you have found.
Just email a link to where you found the price.

I am now a dealer for any brand or type of GPS -including cars, boats

Garmin Forerunner 301

Garmin Edge 305


Garmin Edge 705
Cheaper to buy this unit with just the Heart Monitor and handle bar mount.
Then purchase the CD and micro sd on Amazon