Sad News !
First Coast Trikkes Has not had a business presence since Nov. 2020

Trikke stopped making the HPV - Human Powered Trikkes
Trikke is concentrating on high end Electric Trikkes for mostly Police and Security services.
Check out there web site here for the Defender and other models or parts for your trikkes
I am still Trikking and glad to help anyone learn.
I do have some used ones --- even some electric at good prices.





And  Now the Me-Mover 
 available for Demo



I only have used Trike models of T8 and T12  T78's and T67's

Trikke's Last model T10
Trikke is not making the HPV Trikkes now
HPV = Human Powered Vehicle

Demos by appointment ONLY !    Call 904-343-1833  or      Email:

by Appointment ONLY

Learn before you Buy ! Come ride them all... worth the trip to get the right Trikke for YOU !

Trikke Accessories
Trikkes in Stock!
Electric Trikkes Benefits of Trikking
Fitness Video First Coast Trikkers Local Rides
Trikke Trail Scout Trikke Skki ? Jimmy Evans Jax Aug 2007
  Kangoo Jumps  

Check out the First Coast Trikke Indoor / Outdoor facility  Closed November 2020 .. so facility no longer available.

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Check out the New Pon-e
Demos Now Available by Appointment
More info here

If you are within the Jacksonville area, buying your trikke includes support in learning how to ride.
I am an experienced trikker, 1790 miles in 2008 *, Certified Trikke Trainer and have taught many. I have completed the LA Marathon Bike Tour, Long Beach Marathon Bike Tour, Salt Lake City Marathon Bike Tour,
32 of the 50 mile Rosarito to Ensenadas Bike Ride in Mexico,  and finished the 5 Boro's New York Bike Tour -42 miles. I have completed the Trikke Century Ride here at the beach 5 times. Aug 09 completed the 100K Trikke Nut Endurance ride in Venura, CA. I have even experienced the thrill of the Trikke Skki in Lake Tahoe and Wolf Mountain in Utah. If you have a trikke, I want you to be able to use it and get the physical as well as mental rewards of this new sport. I don't just sell Trikkes, I Trikke !


1790 miles trikked in 2008 Uploaded to MotionBased Agent Changed to Garmin Connect  I use a Garmin 705 GPS and upload all my rides as bchguynfla

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